Thursday, May 22, 2008

Agua Dulce group's June layouts

First of all, sorry about the quality of the pictures, I didn't want to take them out of the protectors with the little man around.

The first layout using Sarsparilla is Cherish Rise 'n Shine (page 108). It calls for three 4"x4" and three 5"x3" but I made mine a little bigger than that.

This second layout uses Whoops-A-Daisy and is from Imagine, Supporting Cast page 98. Here's an opportunity to get lots of pictures on your layout. It calls for two 4"x6", nine 2"x2", one 4"x4" and two 6"x4" pictures. I substituted one 6"x6" photo for one of the 4"x6" and three 2"x2" inch photos. This layout we will learn third generation stamping with rolling.

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