Friday, July 17, 2009

Finally! - another CKC Weekend layout.

Many, many, many months before our girls weekend actually happened, I got a phone call one night from Jen. She was out to dinner with her husband and casually asked him about coming out to California for a girls weekend. To both of our surprise he said yes. She was so excited, she actually called me from the restaurant to tell me. (That way he couldn't change his mind later.)

It seemed to take FOREVER for our weekend to get here. Since I live over 100 miles from LAX (and she got here smack dab in the middle of morning traffic) she was a great sport and took the Fly Away (we were also going to Pasadena, totally the other way from LAX). When she finally got here, I had my camera out, poised to take her picture. So did she!
All supplies: Crate Paper Lemon Grass collection except Basic Grey chipboard letters.
Sketch: Page Maps July 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Here is another Inspired Blueprint (#20) layout. I love sketches because it gives you a starting point and then you can go from there. These are some old pictures of Leo, yes LEO, the first time he had spaghetti noodles. This is the CTMH Animal Cookies paper pack and is so much fun for little kids.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My baby

My baby is now 2 and I have no idea where the last 2 years went. Again, another simple layout, this one has some hidden journalling behind the top picture of my thoughts about the last 2 years with Aaron. Maybe when he's a teenager and thinks his parents are mean, he'll read it and know how much he's loved.

Monday, July 13, 2009

CKC weekend

Last month, I got to go on a much deserved girls weekend to Pasadena. My lovely friend Jen flew in from Chicago (thanks Norm!) and the ever delightful Jill drove up from Murrietta and we descended upon Mary for a few days. Creating Keepsakes Convention was in Pasadena. What better place for some scrappers to meet up, at a scrapbook convention! I had so much fun scrapping these pages, I got to relive the weekend all over again!
This is a copy of a layout that was at the first booth we went to. Jen took a picture of it and then thought it would be funny to copy the layout and put the picture of it in there. I thought it would be really funny to do the same thing EXCEPT put the picture of Jen's picture of the layout in there. :)
Jen's fabulous pear martini's. Jill and I drank WAY too many of them. That layout is coming soon.

We actually stayed in a hotel and well, I've always been an early bird and woke up at 7:00. I took a shower and got dressed and came out of the room. I really, really, really tried not to wake them up, but come on! We only had 48 hours and I didn't want to waste it sleeping so I woke them up at 7:45. Only problem is that the clock in the hotel was fast and it was only 6:30! Oops! Sorry. :)

Jill was so excited to show us this beer that she found. Hop Stoopid Ale. We've been known, on occasion, to intentionally spell things rong in jest. She saw the beer and immediately thought of us.

I did it!

Here's another one of Brandi's Simple Sunday layouts. I love them because you can just whip them out and get a lot done. The concept is simple. Don't get so caught up in the layout, remember it's about telling the story, not the number of embellishments you can get on your page. Not that there aren't times when lots aren't good, but they don't all have to be that way.

Anyway, Leo was so proud of himself that he drew a heart on his Magna Doodle. It actually looks like a heart! Not too bad for a 3 1/2 year old. (The picture is a few months old, I just haven't had time to scrap it yet)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

First Love

Leo has this little friend from preschool, Chloe. The two of them were inseparable and were always holding hands. Apparently, Leo took her under his wing since she was just 3 and he was almost 4. Sadly, Chloe moved this summer so won't be coming back to school. His teacher, Ms Andrea, or Ms "Andra" as he says, took "buddy" pictures of the kids and of course, Leo had to have his taken with Chloe.

This is an bonus Inspired Blueprints sketch

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cool Job

My husband has a pretty cool job. He's an engineer for NASA at Dryden Flight Research Center. One of the best things about his job is that he's the lead on the Shuttle Recovery Team. What that means is every time the Space Shuttle lands in California, he's there on the runway waiting. I'm sure I'll mess this up because most of the stuff he tells me is so far over my head that even if I jump I can't get it. Basically, he and the team go find the stuff that comes off the shuttle as it lands. They also find the touchdown skid marks and take all sorts of measurements and pretty much do a report of the landing. Here he is with the drogue chute. I guess it was a bit windy because as he picked it up, it now looks like he's flying a kite. I left the journal box empty so he'd do some journaling about what's going on and I have a scary feeling it's going to be very technical. This is the man who, while waiting for pizza last night, did the math to figure out the cost per square inch of the "daily special" and the regular pizza that he wanted. I know, I know, I married him. :)
Oh, this is an Inspired Blueprints sketch #22 and uses the Bo Bunny "Gear Up" line

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pismo Beach

I don't think that I ever got around to posting this layout of our vacation last September. This was my take on the Notebook workshop (inspired by Vicki W). Leo had a blast playing in the surf in Pismo.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Snow Play

Over the holiday weekend, I decided that I hadn't scrapped for "me" in a while. With all this heat lately, I thought it would be fun to scrap some snow pictures. This is a Got Sketch layout (#30) and just something simple and fun of Leo and Martel (and Bailey) playing in the snow last December.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July Club Pages - Back Country

Here are the club pages for July. These are with the new Back Country paper pack and great for all those outdoor photos.
This page calls for one 4x6 and three 6x4 photos
This is Imagine Balanced Rhythm (pg 84). The photo suggestions are: five 2.5x5 (or one 5x7 like the one of Leo I cut into the smaller pieces and then two 2.5x5) photos, two 5.5x5, and two 2.5x2.5 photos.

This is Imagine Rhapsody (pg 81). The photo suggestions are: five 5.5x3, one 7x5, two 3x3 and one 5x7. These pictures are 5 years old and I didn't have the sizes the layout called for so I totally improvised and made the pictures I had work. If you want to see what it's "supposed" to look like, click here.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Some of the pages Leo did yesterday

Leo and I spent the morning scrapbooking. He got way more accomplished than I did. I always print a few extra pictures of whatever I'm going to scrap, because let's face it, you just never know how it's going to turn out. Anyway, when I'm done with my layout, I give the extra pictures to Leo. At one point, I was letting him stamp on his layouts but, no more. (pictures to come soon). Now I give him left over stickers and let him go to town. Although, he's a boy after my heart and put buttons on one layout (not pictured because then he took scalloped scissors to it).

From Marie Kerr park after our Mother's Day lunch and Aaron's birthday with my parents.
Aaron's second birthday

Memorial Day when Martel had to work and Aaron dumped a whole box of Cheerios on the floor.