Monday, September 13, 2010

Mammoth and Yosemite

One more thing I love about Studio J is how fast you can get caught up! We took a "mini vacation" on our drive from New Mexico back to California and did lots of stuff, meaning LOTS of pictures. Two weeks after we got home to CA, we went on vacation to my FAVORITE place in the world, the Eastern Sierras (Mammoth and Yosemite) again, LOTS of pictures. With Studio J, I was able to catch up (so far 14 layouts between the 2 vacations) in 2 evenings.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh my, how I love Studio J!!!!!!

Oh my is right! I'm so totally loving the new Studio J membership! There are 20+ new layouts AND a paper pack for members only. It's FANTASTIC!!!!!
When we made our way from New Mexico to California we took our time and turned it into a little vacation. We went up to Albuquerque to visit some family and went to the Natural History and Children's Museums. (We did a lot more on the trip, those layouts to come in the next few days) I had sooooo many pictures to scrapbook, I decided to use Studio J so I could whip them out. In just a few hours I had 10, yes 10 layouts completed.

One of the greatest things about a Studio J membership is you get layouts with these great "shaped" paper. I don't know about you guys but when I get some fun scalloped paper I never want to use it, it's special you know! With Studio J that's over!

I especially love this layout, why you ask??? Look at the picture on the left side, it's 6x12 inches. If I were to print that in a store, I'd pay upwards of $15. Just for the picture!!!!!! Crazy huh???? With my Studio J membership, the entire layout cost $6.50. No where could I traditional scrap this layout for this price.
The best part about Studio J is that it's free to try. You can go into it and make your layout, you only pay when you purchase. Of course, unless you're a member you can't do the second two layouts, since they're for members only. Wait! There's a "work around" you can purchase a 5 layout membership for $55 (includes shipping and page protectors) or a 3 month membership for $30 (includes free shipping once per month for 4 to 10 layouts, and page protectors). If you're interested in giving Studio J a try click on my website or give me a call.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Family layout for Nita

This is the layout we'll be making for Nita's party this weekend. It uses all sorts of fantastic new product. The beautiful Olivia paper pack, sparkly new brads and another layout from the new Magic book. The white photo mats are just a placeholder since I don't have pictures yet.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Where does the time go?????

I had good intentions of being a better blogger, really I did. Things just got away from me and I realize that it's been a month since I've posted. My "baby," my first born started Kindergarten and now my live has changed dramatically. With that and getting readjusted to being in our house, I've also been busy doing some stuff for my cousin, which I'll share soon.
Enough about that, on to more important things. It's September and time for a brand new Close to my Heart Idea Book. Click here or on the button on the right to go to my website. There are some Fab-U-lous new papers AND as many of you have been waiting for.... a new layout book, Magic. You're going to love, love, love it!

This layout is one of the ones from the new Magic book and although it uses "old" paper, Moon Doggie, it was so much fun to make. My journaling was private so behind the picture of me and my dad, I made a pocket and used some tags for my journaling. Leo turned 5 last month and called his grandpa (my dad) and told grandpa that he wanted to go on a "boat ride" for his birthday so grandpa obliged and we all went for a family sail. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun. In the 38 years I've "known" my dad, I've never really seen him as happy as he is when he's sailing.