Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Lime Rickey layouts

Instead of making one post for each layout, I decided to group them all together based on the paper pack. How's that for lazy? :)
The boys go to Summer Camp and every week there is a new theme. This week here was Retro Week and on 70s day, they tye-died shirts. They had so much fun and the shirts turned out great.
Leo went to work with me and it was pretty slow so I have him some markers and paper and told him to write his name. This is what he did. I told him that he wrote it backwards and he just looked at me like I was a big moron and said....."Mom, it's in a window!" Where in the world does a 3 1/2 year old come up with this stuff? (note, it's taken me awhile to scrap this one, it's from March)

These pictures are 3 years old now. I wasn't inspired to scrap them, but saw sketch #18 at Inspired Blueprints and (he he he) inspiration hit! This is the only time Leo got to wear these shoes because Bailey chewed one up that night. Pretty expensive 3 steps if you ask me!


Debbie DP said...

great layouts. Isn't it amazing how fast they change? 3 yrs or 4 months it is fun to see the changes.

goofytortuga said...

Wow the picture of Leo in May he has grown so much just from that time! Great pictures and layouts!! love, kim

Liane said...

Very nice!