Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Sweet Life

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since I've posted! The life of a stay home mom can get a little crazy! LOL! Spring has hit Southern New Mexico with all her glory and we spend most of our days outside. And while my lovely husband is now on 2nd shift, leaving my evenings free (once the rugrats go to bed) I'm finding lots of time to craft, just.... well I'll admit it, I've just been lazy. You know because it's SOOOOO hard to take a photo (well, a GOOD photo of a layout is hard, but I don't take GOOD pictures of them ha ha ha), upload it and write a few sentences. @@ Yeah, I've got no excuse!
Anyway, great news! May 1st, the Summer Idea book goes live to customers. I must tell you, I love all the paper packs! I can't remember when that's happened. :) As usual, there are some pink and "girly" papers, such as this one here , Cherry-O. I, as a consultant, have access to all the fun new stuff a month before the public does. I placed my order for new goodies and didn't order this paper pack. Then, on Easter, Leo and I made a strawberry cake, actually Leo did most of the work and was so proud of himself. I know we used strawberries, but after we made the cake and I looked at the pictures, I ran to the computer and placed ANOTHER order just so I could do this layout! Yeah, I've got problems.
EVERYTHING on this layout was from the Cherry-O Workshop on the Go. I love these things, you get so much for your money, including the fun cherry stamp set that's only available with this kit. AND, I have TONS of paper and embellishments left over. If any of you are interested in purchasing this kit, drop me a line!

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Debbie DP said...

Great to see your post. Love the layout. Your right all 4 paper packs are great.