Saturday, June 12, 2010


Taking a break from PA-1 layouts here for you.

We have a great tree in our backyard here in NM. It's just a little bit to tall for the kids to climb, but they are determined to climb it. My rule is that if you're not big enough to get up on your own, you're not big enough to climb the tree. This day they were taking the hose and using it in all sorts of ways to get up the tree. At one point, they had tied it to the slide and were pulling as if to use the slide as an elevator.
I did tell Martel that on our last day in the house, he was going to have to help them climb the tree. :)


Debbie DP said...

too cute. with that determination they will be up in the tree soon without your help.

goofytortuga said...

Too cute! I think they will be climbing it before you leave and Martel will not have to help them! They are sooooo cute! Love, me