Sunday, November 28, 2010

the real reason

So, the real reason I've been all about copying layouts from other people is that I've not wanted to scrap the things I "needed" to scrap. I know some of you will say bad words when I admit that I'm "caught up" with my scrapping. Sure, I have a few misc things I want to scrap but for the most part, I'm up to date.

My cousin got married on 10/10/10 so I've got a lot of the wedding to scrap. On one hand, it was a great day, full of life and love and all that stuff. I got a great new cousin and 2nd cousin (it wasn't the first marriage for either of them). On the other hand, it was a horrible day.

Pictured below are some very good family friends. So good in fact that I joke Cathie is the "good daughter." Tom and Cathie live next to my parents and they keep an eye on them. Tom was a boat Captain and therefore able to marry people. He performed the ceremony marrying my cousin and her new husband. It was a beautiful day in San Diego and after the reception my parents and Tom decided to go on a motorcycle ride. Unfortunately as they were coming home some woman didn't see Tom and made a u-turn and hit him. He had some health issues but he would up passing away 2 weeks later. It's been a very hard time for all of us, especially my dad, he witnessed the accident and Cathie because she lost her best friend. Tom was truly one of the most joyful people on earth. Anyway, not to be rambly and melancholy (although I have been here) it's been hard for me to scrap the wedding because of what happened to Tom. I'm just glad that I snapped a few pictures of him and Cathie before the accident.

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