Friday, February 19, 2010

Project Life week 7

Again, I'm a little late on the posting here. I've been good about taking pictures, just not so good on the downloading them. So here goes for week 7.

Leo and Aaron love Dora and Diego. Last night Leo decided that he needed to make a map. He drew a path and a lake and a rock but didn't know where the map led us.
Feb 8

Leo has now discovered Sesame Street computer games online. It kept him very occupied on a day where I didn't feel like doing much.

Feb 9

My lovely child has a patience issue. When he's hungry, he's HUNGRY and wants to eat now. And if I'm not fast enough, he'll climb on the counters and get something. We're working on this, but so far no punishments are working. (any suggestions????)
Feb 10

Again with the Diego thing. Leo's been wanting a "spotting scope" for ages. I had been meaning to help him make one for a long time and the other day, we went to the dreaded McDonalds. I hadn't planned on getting them Happy Meals but saw the spotting scope toy and let them. They're running around the apartment looking at things.
Feb 11

On Fridays, we meet a homeschool group for their play time. The park where we meet at has this pretty tall (it's quite a bit taller than Martel, so I'd guess it's about 8 feet high) rock wall and today Aaron climbed to the top all by himself. Not bad for a 2 1/2 year old.

Feb 12

Martel has a 3 day weekend and on Sat we ran a bunch of errands but managed to sneak in a quick trip to the batting cages.

Feb 13

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