Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh my, how I love Studio J!!!!!!

Oh my is right! I'm so totally loving the new Studio J membership! There are 20+ new layouts AND a paper pack for members only. It's FANTASTIC!!!!!
When we made our way from New Mexico to California we took our time and turned it into a little vacation. We went up to Albuquerque to visit some family and went to the Natural History and Children's Museums. (We did a lot more on the trip, those layouts to come in the next few days) I had sooooo many pictures to scrapbook, I decided to use Studio J so I could whip them out. In just a few hours I had 10, yes 10 layouts completed.

One of the greatest things about a Studio J membership is you get layouts with these great "shaped" paper. I don't know about you guys but when I get some fun scalloped paper I never want to use it, it's special you know! With Studio J that's over!

I especially love this layout, why you ask??? Look at the picture on the left side, it's 6x12 inches. If I were to print that in a store, I'd pay upwards of $15. Just for the picture!!!!!! Crazy huh???? With my Studio J membership, the entire layout cost $6.50. No where could I traditional scrap this layout for this price.
The best part about Studio J is that it's free to try. You can go into it and make your layout, you only pay when you purchase. Of course, unless you're a member you can't do the second two layouts, since they're for members only. Wait! There's a "work around" you can purchase a 5 layout membership for $55 (includes shipping and page protectors) or a 3 month membership for $30 (includes free shipping once per month for 4 to 10 layouts, and page protectors). If you're interested in giving Studio J a try click on my website or give me a call.

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