Monday, September 13, 2010

Mammoth and Yosemite

One more thing I love about Studio J is how fast you can get caught up! We took a "mini vacation" on our drive from New Mexico back to California and did lots of stuff, meaning LOTS of pictures. Two weeks after we got home to CA, we went on vacation to my FAVORITE place in the world, the Eastern Sierras (Mammoth and Yosemite) again, LOTS of pictures. With Studio J, I was able to catch up (so far 14 layouts between the 2 vacations) in 2 evenings.


Debbie DP said...

the layouts are great.

Jena said...

Great LO's! I too am totally in love with Studio J, especially since we just moved and my craft room hasn't been built yet so my stuff is still in boxes - Studio J saves the day!