Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fresh Thai Spring Rolls

There is nothing more tasty that fresh spring rolls.  Oh how I love them and they were just one more thing that I never ate much because I didn't know how to make them.  Yeah that and the fact that I can't get half the ingredients at home.  San Diego on the other hand has tons of Asian Markets and I was able to get a few pantry staples. 

Hold onto your hats because this is a long post.  I'll try and arrange it in simple, logical steps.  First you make a sauce, then you get your veggies/protein (if using) ready, then assemble your rolls

For the sauce you need.... soy sauce, rice vinegar, fish sauce and sugar (oops forgot that in the picture)
 In a small bowl add 2 Tbl soy sauce
 1 Tbl Rice Vinegar
 1 Tbl Fish Sauce
 1 tsp sugar
 Give that a mix until the sugar is dissolved
 Grab some bean threads.  There are 3 "bundles" in the pack.  I only used 1.
Put them in a bowl and cover them with hot water until they're soft.
 like this
 Next your filling.  I used some thinly sliced precooked chicken, bean sprouts, grated carrot, chopped green onion, cilantro and basil.  My little prep bowls hold 1 cup.  Spring Rolls are very forgiving and you can pretty much put anything in them you want.  Have fun.

 If  you're the sort of person that needs measurements..... add 1 cup bean sprouts to the bowl with the bean threads
 3/4 cup thinly sliced cooked chicken.  Mine is boiled but you could use roasted.
 1/2 cup chopped fresh basil
 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro
 1 cup grated carrot
 1 cup chopped green onion
 Mix the filling and pour the sauce over it
 Mix it all together.  You really want everything incorporated otherwise you'll get some rolls with mainly bean sprouts and some with mainly basil, etc.  You get the picture.
 Now get a bowl of hot water and place a rice paper wrapper in it to soften.  Sorry I forgot to take a picture of what I used.  The package will say "Fresh Spring Roll Wrappers" or something to that affect.
 Place your softened wrapper on a clean surface.  Put in some filling.  How much depends on how full you want your roll to be.  You do want to put it toward the bottom (the end closest to you).
 Fold the bottom and edges in tightly and roll to the top.  You may need to use a little water to seal them.  Now if only TGIM hadn't gobbled them up as I was rolling them I could have had a picture for you.
 Manage to get one on your plate before they're all gone.  Serve with your favorite dipping sauce.  Mine is Sweet Chili Sauce and you'd totally be able to see if if I hadn't used a red plate. 


Mary said...

So easy!!! I love it! Hand the camera to TGIM to take the pics! That should keep his hands busy!!

Lea said...

Mary, you know I adore TGIM but he's seriously the world's worst photographer. Why do you think I'm rarely in my scrapbook pages? When I hand him the camera, bad things happen. LOL!