Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Memory Keeper Boxes

I just love these Memory Keeper boxes from CTMH. At first I wasn't all that thrilled, but then started to see all the possibilities. WOW! The ever talented Lisa Stenz made a bunch to hold the tons and tons of cards she has. My plan is to make one for each of my kids for their momentos. I keep buying them and then keep making other things with them. I made the "Love Box" as my coworker Danette calls it, based on the CTMH webisode. I'm actually going to be doing this as a class at the end of Jan. I think it'll be a great Valentine's Day gift. I also made one to hold Thank You cards, but thinking more, I should have made the box for some other type card as I don't have that many Thank You cards. I guess I should make some, huh?

Normally, I'm all about dimension. Rarely is anything I make flat. I decided to make the Thank You card box flat so a bunch of them could go on the shelf. It's hard not to add something, just a button or two! But, I'm holding strong and am going to do my best not to add anything else.

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