Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Christmas Kennel

I know there are many of you out there in cyberland that can appreciate something like this (Liane and Chris). Last year we didn't put up a Christmas tree, but rather piled the presents on the dog kennel. Then, my cute puppy (well she was just about to turn 3, but for a Lab, that's still a puppy) Bailey was in the kennel one day and looked so cute, I had to snap a picture or two. After looking at the pictures, I thought the presents piled on top was pretty funny so I had to scrap them.
Sorry about the blurry picture but with the edge anchors, it makes it hard to take out of the page protector. The journaling (which you can't read because of the glare) says something like this. "With a baby, a toddler and a 3-legged dog, somehow a Christmas tree didn't seem like such a good idea, hence the Christmas Kennel." By the way, yes Bailey does indeed only have 3 legs. She was born without her front right paw. But don't tell her she's disabled, she doesn't know.
Here she is playing in the snow. I told you she doesn't know she's disabled!

Here she is laying by the fire after playing in the snow. Lazy pooch!


Sue said...

OK, that's the most clever thing I've ever seen! Only you would think of doing something like that.

Mommy Poulsen said...

Love the layout with all the buttons on it. I love the picture too. I can't believe your dog left the presents alone!

goofytortuga said...

I love the layout!!

Hope everyone is feeling better and I will see you tomorrow!

Love, Kim

Liane said...

Love the Christmas kennel! Hehehehe, cute layout! Merry Christmas