Friday, December 12, 2008

yet another Christmas gift

Are you all sick of them yet??? Because I certainly am. Man it was a lot of work making all these gifts. Can I let you in on a little secret???? I bought something for my husband. I made him something too, but I actually bought him some books he's been wanting. I'm safe telling you guys because he doesn't look at my blog. AND I didn't tell you which books I bought!
Enough with all that gabber, onto the handmade gift. This is for my "other" best friend's daughter, Addison (see previous post). I actually had run out of the chipboard wall hangings so I had to come up with something else. I thought about it some and saw that I had, ahem, found some chipboard coasters and voila! Let's spell her name with those suckers. Yeah, I should have picked a kid with a shorter name. ha ha ha.
It was kind of hard to photograph close up because it's so long, so you're going to actually get some "detail" shots too. Please ignore the spot on my couch, it's Baby Magic Baby Wash, really it is. And don't tell Addison, but she got the scraps from the Basic Grey Sugared Collection that I used on Brooke's wall hanging.

Here's the closeup. See how the letters shimmer? Love that Glimmer Mist.


goofytortuga said...

I think Addison is going to LOVE it!!!

Sorry about the long name. ;)

Love, Kim

Jill said...