Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Project Life week 1 and 2

Last year I managed to complete Project 365 (except for one week and I know I took pictures, I just can't find them) where I took a picture every single day and wrote a little about it. It was sort of like a day in the life of the Martinez family. I gave it to Martel for Christmas and he totally loved it. This year Becky Higgins (the creator of Project 365) has another kit out called Project Life. It's pretty much the same concept and this year I actually purchased her kit instead of making my own.

To make things even more fun, and hopefully encourage us to continue through the year (and maybe others to start) Jessica Turner has Project Life Tuesdays on her blog. She's posting her pictures for the week and linking other peoples blogs. I thought it would be fun and maybe I could get some inspiration for some pictures.

I am starting my album at the end of the week as I like to actually start on Jan 1st. So I'm actually posting two pictures of the "1st week" and then week 2.

Jan 1: We went sledding at White Sands National Monument and on the first run, Martel lost his wedding ring. He then spent the next 3 hours on his hands and knees searching for it. We finally had to drag him away because we thought it was a lost cause, he was never going to find it in a 20 foot sand dune. But the effort he showed looking for it was so sweet. I knew I married him for a reason!

Jan 2: As soon as we got home from White Sands, Martel immediately started searching on the internet for metal detectors. He got up first thing Saturday morning and went to Big 5 and bought one. We packed the boys and my mother-in-law back in the car and made the 60 mile drive back to the monument. Martel then spent the next 2 hours with the metal detector searching for his ring. I kept telling him that I thought it probably had rolled down the dune (the sand was wet and very compact). I even made him some search grids so he could go about his quest in a logical manner. When he had 2 grids left, I told him to take a break and I'd look. I finished up the grids and turned around, as I was turning my arm (with the metal detector) swung a bit wide and it started beeping. Sure enough there was his ring not 5 feet from where I had been telling him it was. It had rolled to the bottom and gotten covered by sand. I have never seen him so happy! He knew he married ME for a reason!

Jan 3: My father-in-law was from Santa Fe, NM but moved to San Diego after college at NMSU. Never would we have expected to move to Las Cruces and my mother-in-law came out for the holidays. Martel took her over to NMSU to see where her husband had gone to college. Never in her wildest imagination did she ever expect to walk the same grounds as he had over 30 years ago.

Jan 4: Leo is a very creative little boy. He got these snap blocks for Christmas, the kit makes an airplane and helicopter. He decided that he was going to make a fishing pole instead.

Jan 5: When we moved into the apartment we had to leave our dogs with grandma and the boys miss them so much. We had the opportunity to dog sit for an hour today. The boys had so much fun with Bella.

Jan 6: Auntie Mary got the boys this big box of Arts and Crafts for Christmas. Leo had been bugging me to do some so we finally had an opportunity to make some crafts today. He made a sticker garden and was very proud of it.

Jan 7: We were the first people to live in our building and I decided to leave our assigned parking space for Martel. The covered one with my blue CRV is our assigned one and I "claimed" the one next to it. It's the only spot where we don't have to cross the driveway and with 2 little boys, it's the best spot for me. In the 3 months we've lived here no one has ever parked in "my spot." Today I came home and someone was in it AND as you see, they did a poor park job. All of you who know me know I was watching out the window and as soon as the person left, I moved my car. Yeah, I have issues.

Jan 8: Ahhh, a wonderful cafe au lait! What more needs to be said?

Jan 9: I love nickjr.com! Aaron wants to watch Blue's Clues at 2:00 pm. No problem!

Jan 10: Aaron and I play our own version of Memory. He's only 2 1/2 so we put all the cards face up and then I give him a card and he finds the matching one.
That's the first week in the life of the Martinez family. I'll try and keep the next post shorter. :) If you decide to participate in Project Life and I hope you do, it's a great idea, leave me a message with your blog link. I'd love to see what you come up with.


jenniferporter said...

I love your pictures! I've already missed 2 days! I need to remember that they can be pictures of anything and everything! Can't wait to see next week!

Emily said...

Wow, he really went to a lot of trouble to find that ring! He must be a keeper. ;)

Anonymous said...

A great start to the new year! I am looking forward to seeing more of your photos!
My project 365 is at http://projectthree65.wordpress.com

Heather said...

stopping by from Jessica's blog. love your pictures! look forward to seeing more :)

Sonya said...

Great stories! And I totally would have moved my car back to my "spot" too! I definitely have issues with people parking in my "spot" so you're not alone!

Kristin said...

Thanks for sharing your 365. Found you via Jessica's blog! Stop by mine if you get a chance. I love seeing what everyone else is doing!