Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project Life week 4

I'm done!!! I just can not get Blogger to cooperate today. I mis-uploaded (is that a word??) my Friday picture so I tried to add it in the correct spot. That didn't work. Then I tried to move it. That didn't work. It's too early in the morning for this and the boys are up, bugging me for breakfast. Martel's in bed sick and I'm sure will wake up soon and want something. (We all know what babies men turn into when they're sick). Anyway, you're going to have to deal with an out of order picture. :)

My mom came to visit us the other day. She was at my sister's house in Denver and flew down here for a few days before she was going to fly home to San Diego. My dad decided that he was going to drive out here to Las Cruces and surprise her and drive her home. We spent the better part of 3 weeks planning and he called me from the front door of my apartment to say he was here. I conveniently went to the bathroom as he rang the bell so my mom had to answer the door. He had his camera ready. Sadly, the picture isn't so great because it took her a minute for it to register. She was totally surprised!

Friday 1/22/10
It turns out that we have family here in Las Cruces. I knew there was a bunch up north in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, but was totally surprised when we found out about Raymond and his wife Frances. Raymond is my father in laws first cousin. Today we met them for breakfast and then went over to their house for a while. They were delightful people and hopefully we'll see them again soon. Martel wasn't home so he didn't get to meet them.
Sunday 1/17/20
Martel got home yesterday afternoon and today is a holiday so we took the boys to a park. It's rare when he's able to go with us. We go so much during the week that on the weekends (when it's more crowded) we don't go. But they had fun and got to spend some time with Daddy, who had been gone all week again.
Monday 1/18/10
My mom got here today from visiting (babysitting) my sister and her family. My nephews are 10 and 6 and had sent their reader books down to Leo. He piled them around him and started "reading."
Tuesday 1/19/10
Wouldn't you know it, that big winter storm that passed over most of the entire west coast and moved east came when my mom was here. She lives in balmy San Diego so is a total weather woose. Since it was supposed to be 40 and rainy and windy, we took the boys to the PE class before Leo's preschool class.
Wednesday 1/20/10
Again, the weather was crummy and grandma didn't want to go to the park to play so we went to gymnastics. I can't wait to get a house with a yard so I don't have to constantly take the boys places to run around.
Thursday 1/21/10

(Again, the Friday picture of my mom is at the top of the post.) I had great plans for today. We were going to go to White Sands Monument and sled and then to Alamogordo to the Space History Museum. The weather was the absolute worst of the week so we stayed in. I felt bad that my dad drove 700 miles and we sat around my apartment all day. But he didn't mind. It gave him a chance to play with his grandkids. He hadn't seen them since August.
Saturday 1/23/10

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Great pictures! The look on your Mom's face is cute! Love, me