Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project Life week 3

So far so good on my Project Life. It's a fun journey and I'm really enjoying it. I've seen some people who have created dedicated blogs to this project and post their pictures on a daily basis. I'd love to do that, but totally think that's too much for me to handle right now. That being said, you all will just get a long post on Tuesdays. :)

Today was Leo's first day of preschool since we moved to Las Cruces. Aaron and I got to the park/Rec Center a little early and ran into friends. My friend said she'd watch Aaron while I went inside to get Leo. As we were coming out of the building, onto the playground, Aaron saw Leo, yelled and ran to him. They were so happy to see each other and gave each other a big hug. (Sadly, I just had my little point and shoot camera so I missed the hug)

Today Leo told me that he wanted to be 3 again so we could live in our other house with Bailey and Orien (our dogs, who had to stay home when we moved). Orien isn't in good health and we don't expect him to be around much longer, and daddy was gone again on another work trip. I decided to take them to the preschool gymnastics time at Gym Magic to get him mind off things.
While Leo was at school today, Aaron and I went to the Farmer's Market to get some produce. Or at least that was the plan. I get that it was a Wednesday in the middle of winter, but there wasn't a single produce vendor around.

For some reason Leo doesn't like me to sing in the car (it really has nothing to do with how bad I am either). He yells that I'm not a princess, so I can't sing. Where he got that I have no idea. Today, I was singing in the car and Aaron yelled "Quaddy!" I'm assuming that's Aaron speak for "Be quiet!"
Aaron has these crazy long eyelashes. Recently he got his top lashes stuck beneath his bottom lid. Yeah, he didn't get them from me.
I'll apologize up front if anyone has this car but seriously, this has to be the ugliest car I've ever seen. And normally I quite enjoy lime green, but this is just plain WRONG.

If any of you notice that you only got 6 pictures this week, it's because I go from Sunday to Saturday and last week I accidently gave you Sunday's picture and I figured you didn't want to see it again.
I've really enjoyed seeing other peoples pictures, keep them coming!


Susan said...

Hi Lea,

Enjoyed this weeks pictures! This is fun huh?

Hope you have a blessed day~

goofytortuga said...

Great pictures. I think I am going to get you a crown, so you can be a princess and sing in the car! Love, me

tinkster said...

Great pics! I agree, be a princess, sing!

natalie said...

So fun!!! Love the story behind the first picture!