Monday, July 13, 2009

CKC weekend

Last month, I got to go on a much deserved girls weekend to Pasadena. My lovely friend Jen flew in from Chicago (thanks Norm!) and the ever delightful Jill drove up from Murrietta and we descended upon Mary for a few days. Creating Keepsakes Convention was in Pasadena. What better place for some scrappers to meet up, at a scrapbook convention! I had so much fun scrapping these pages, I got to relive the weekend all over again!
This is a copy of a layout that was at the first booth we went to. Jen took a picture of it and then thought it would be funny to copy the layout and put the picture of it in there. I thought it would be really funny to do the same thing EXCEPT put the picture of Jen's picture of the layout in there. :)
Jen's fabulous pear martini's. Jill and I drank WAY too many of them. That layout is coming soon.

We actually stayed in a hotel and well, I've always been an early bird and woke up at 7:00. I took a shower and got dressed and came out of the room. I really, really, really tried not to wake them up, but come on! We only had 48 hours and I didn't want to waste it sleeping so I woke them up at 7:45. Only problem is that the clock in the hotel was fast and it was only 6:30! Oops! Sorry. :)

Jill was so excited to show us this beer that she found. Hop Stoopid Ale. We've been known, on occasion, to intentionally spell things rong in jest. She saw the beer and immediately thought of us.


goofytortuga said...

Too cute!! I like the paper, it is cute, too. Love, me

goofytortuga said...

That last post was supposed to be about Leo.

I love the too many pictures sign.

Mary does not look too happy with you.

Great layouts!! Love, me

Jill said...

I love your layouts. And our weekend was a BLAST!!!!

Debbie DP said...

Love the paper. Looks like you had a great time.

iamjaytee said...

I JUST realized that that is a picture of MY lo in your lo!!! That is hysterical!!