Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cool Job

My husband has a pretty cool job. He's an engineer for NASA at Dryden Flight Research Center. One of the best things about his job is that he's the lead on the Shuttle Recovery Team. What that means is every time the Space Shuttle lands in California, he's there on the runway waiting. I'm sure I'll mess this up because most of the stuff he tells me is so far over my head that even if I jump I can't get it. Basically, he and the team go find the stuff that comes off the shuttle as it lands. They also find the touchdown skid marks and take all sorts of measurements and pretty much do a report of the landing. Here he is with the drogue chute. I guess it was a bit windy because as he picked it up, it now looks like he's flying a kite. I left the journal box empty so he'd do some journaling about what's going on and I have a scary feeling it's going to be very technical. This is the man who, while waiting for pizza last night, did the math to figure out the cost per square inch of the "daily special" and the regular pizza that he wanted. I know, I know, I married him. :)
Oh, this is an Inspired Blueprints sketch #22 and uses the Bo Bunny "Gear Up" line

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goofytortuga said...

Very cool! You might have to do 2 of those, because I am sure the boys will fight over this one!

Oh how funny about the figuring out the price per square inch, that is so him!

Love, kim