Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mudshark's Brewery

We love Brew Pubs. I mean really love Brew Pubs. One of the first things I do when we go someplace new is check and see if there's one around. Mudshark's Brewery in Lake Havasu, AZ was one we just happened upon. We actually had no plans to stop in Lake Havasu, but I committed the ultimate sin and didn't navigate correctly, so we missed the turn off to Bullhead City. We had planned on stopping in Bullhead on the way home to let the boys run around a bit. Boy and I glad we missed it! There was an awesome park (Rotary Park) right on the lake and we found Mudsharks. They had a fantastic BBQ Chicken Pizza, and even though I make a killer one, I like to try other ones to improve mine. I caramelize my onions (yum) but they added fresh cilantro. Oh, I'm soooo doing that next time.

Like the photo collage? I don't have any fancy photo editing software (someday) but as I was uploading my pictures to Walgreens, I saw a collage option. How great is that? I picked the pictures I wanted in the collage and printed it as an 8x10. You can change the size of the borders, the colors of the borders and arrange the pictures how you want them. It was $3.99 but I had a buy one get one coupon. Gotta love that!


Lori said...

Cute layout.

Debbie DP said...

love the layout. I will check out the collage option next time we go to Walgreens