Monday, November 2, 2009

Summer fun at the water park.

I admit it, I'm a bad mom. I'm really not into holidays and things like that. My husband and I don't like to make a big deal about them (read teach our kids that it's all about the presents etc). Since Leo's birthday is in August, my girlfriends and I take the kids to the water park and I call that his birthday party. I'm an August baby too and when I was a kid, my mom did the same thing, took 3 of my friends to the water park. I thought it was great and I'm sure she did too. No party to prep for.

This is my version of Prima's Build-A-Page-November. In my last post I mentioned that I use sketches for my layouts. To go a bit more into my process, I see a sketch I like (like this one) and then print my pictures to fit the sketch, or my adaptation of said sketch. Once I get the pictures and the sketch worked out, I go through my paper and see what papers and embellishments I want to use. (paper/embellishment collections I keep together in a bag) Then I toss the pictures and the sketch into the bag with the paper and I'm ready to go. I usually do this in the evening while chatting with my husband or watching TV. Then, when I feel like scrapping (or go to a crop) I just grab a bag and it comes together in a jiffy. This layout here only took about 10 minutes from start to finish.