Saturday, January 10, 2009

Make a Statement!

This layout has been a challenge for me. I got the pictures on but the rest didn't come to me. I don't even really know where I was going with the layout. Total no-no for me. Then this morning it hit me. We are teaching our children to respect the Earth, after all it's the only one we've got. I saw these shirts at Target over the summer and had to get them for the boys. (Yes, the are made in the USA of organic cotton). Where things are made are a whole different story and maybe I'll do a layout of that someday. I'm still not thrilled with this layout, but at least it's done and out of my to finish pile.


Sue said...

{{{my tree hugging friend!}}}

goofytortuga said...

I like it. The pictutes of the boys are priceless.

You are missing a button or 2, heheehhe!

Love, Kim